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Our services are in two categories. Project sourcing, funding and development and the provision of access to Trade Finance globally. Our project funding involves scouting for financeable  projects, get them properly packaged for presentation to partner investors for consideration and action. We also broker the issuance of financial instruments to facilitate cross-border trade.

Project Sourcing & Funding
Trade Finance 
Other Services

We scout our country Ghana and the West African sub region for projects with value and are financeable. These are both private and government projects. The following are some areas of interest.



-Road Construction

-Renewable Energy

-Oil and Gas


-Real Estate

Foreign Partner Rep.

In partnership with Yield4 Finance Group of companies with offices in London, Dubai and India, we offer our clients unrestricted access to trade finance of any form to help cushion  their business challenges as regards financing international trade. Some of the instruments at hand are;

-Letters of Credit [LC]

-Standby Letters of Credit [SBLC]

-Bank Guarantee [BG]

-Ready Willing and Able [RWA]

-Proof of Funds [POF]

-Block of Funds [BOF]

-Bid/Tender Bonds

-Comfort Letters

We offer the following services as well at the request of clients.

-General Business Advisory

-Business Feasibility or Plan Review and Advise

-Business Feasibility or Plan Writing

-Off-taker arrangement

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